Prija Cleansing Hand Wash 3 Litre | Hotel & Motel ...- Prija vitalising cleansing hand wash ,Prija is a warm and earthly cosmetic range: from Shampoo with Eruca Sativa (with reinforcing proprerties for the hair) to specific Hand Cream with Macadamia Oil and tonifying body cream with Centella Asiatica Extract and Avocado oil, you will discover how elaborate this line is and how its formulas are subtle.Prija Cleansing Hand Wash 380ml from GFL Skin Care of ...Prija VitalisingCleansing Hand Wash 380ml. Manufactured by GFL Skin Care Switzerland. Vitalising cleansing hand wash. Their special aromatherapy scents are taken from exotic plants fromaround the world and the creams and cleansers have been specifically studied toreduce the possibility of allergic reaction in those with sensitive skin.

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